Best of Breed Business Intelligence BIRetail is an affordable, easy-to-use intuitive Business Intelligence (BI) solution designed from the “ground up” for retailers. It is a complete “BI In a Box” solution – it delivers all the components that make up a Business Intelligence solution including data warehouse, ETL, OLAP, reports, dashboards, KPIs, etc.

Built for Retail:

As a Business Intelligence solution that is designed exclusively for retailers‚ BIRetail transforms your data driven decision-making environment. BIRetail analytics covers retail functions across your enterprise – Sales, Inventory, Suppliers, Customers etc. We are committed to ensuring that at every stage‚ from your supply chain to your stores‚ you benefit from the approach that comes with BIRetail Solution. It incorporates a wide range of features including reporting‚ analysis‚ dashboards, alerting‚ and monitoring.

Actionable Intelligence :

  • Our innovative solution drives “Profit” by providing “Actionable Intelligence” in at least three areas:
  • Operational intelligence- automated data collection and translation, resource planning, supplier analysis and inventory optimization
  • Customer intelligence- marketing automation, marketing optimization, and market basket analysis
  • Inventory intelligence- inventory planning, assortment, size, space, price, promotion, and markdown optimization