The world has moved from a producer centric business to customer centric business. An organization which doesn’t take care of its customers is bound to become extinct in this customer focused business scenario. In order to, to make better sense of customers, every organization needs to collect, group and analyze huge chunks of customer data. The tool that aids to do all these is a CRM Tool. In simplistic terms, it’s more of a solution than a tool. The customer data are stored in a central database and using the CRM tool you can access these data, analyze, manipulate and arrive at business decisions that are imperative to your success. There are three main components to a CRM solution.

Darsh provides CRM solutions that can work along with your existing systems with the scalability as the business grow to provide you enduring value. By using on-premise software and online services that work the way people want to work, able to make informed decisions and quickly adapt to rapid change. We provide complete CRM solutions with required integration to legacy systems and other applications. We tailor and customize CRM applications for Mid-sized and Enterprise levels.

We offer the best-in-class CRM applications and solutions with a choice of technologies to suit our customer’s unique business requirements and strategies. Mature methodologies are followed to design and implement scalable, reliable, robust, secure and easy-to-maintain business applications.