A successful implementation is as essential as product selection itself. Through clearly defined objectives, an understanding of your business process and industry knowledge, the transition couldn’t be easier. At Darsh, we don’t just give you the tools, we teach you to use them, and in a way that incorporates multiple learning styles. Our industry experts get to know you and your business, through a thorough review of your business practices and day-to-day operations. From here, we develop an implementation plan tailor-made for your team.

Our experts are on hand to provide your team the training they need in real-life scenarios. Our hands-on approach to ERP implementation and training guarantee successful product adoption; meaning minimal downtime and maximum usage. Darsh offers different training programs for customers, partners or any organization planning to implementing softwares. The objective of these programs is to equip you or your team to work on a full-fledged systems that we offer.

Darsh provides training on products and tools as well as role-based training to customers through our valued training partner network. This helps you to understand the product better, besides effectively monitoring the implementation and post go-live processes.

Each new client has unique goals, requirements, pre-existing environments, and specific time and resources available for an software implementation. After working with hundreds of small, medium and large companies across the globe, we’ve developed best practice methods and processes that ensure your implementation is tailor made to your specific business requirements. None of our customers have the luxury to invest in a lengthy implementation that creates business delays. That’s why we’ve made our process as easy as possible to implement and learn.