• We do retail stock audit by scanning the articles through PDA’s.
  • We provide physical stock report and descrepancy report.

Woman using handheld scan as you shop barcode scanner in Tesco supermarketStock Taking : Enhanced physical stock taking

New, user-friendly stock taking in Shoper 9 increases efficiency so managers can quickly find the information they are looking for, and export it in the format they need. Now get to know why a Rejection showed up in Least Saleable Quantity or even set the set the stock taking period along with a reason. Or, Print directly from the Report without having to copy and paste the data into another document.

Simplified processes include :

  • The History and Progress Summary forms can be exported to Excel or printed; the code and description of the attributes can also be selected.
  • By default, you can select all the classification as the Recording Scope while recording the stocks.
  • The stock numbers and the difference in stock can now be viewed in the option, Discrepancy Update. The discrepancy details will contain Negative Stocks and Non-Recorded stocks along with the Difference Stock.
  • On importing the stock details, stock quantities which are not as per the Least Saleable Quantity (LSQ) settings can be viewed in a log file.

Scope of Audit:

Stock Audit using Computer Scanners or PDA’s to scan the inventory as provided by the respective companies. Prerequisite of Stock Take would be POS updated with all the purchase and Sales and related transfers.

Process of stock take includes:

  • Audit starts at 7.00 am so as to complete the audit before 11.00 am before the store starts for business.
  • Computer stock report as per POS before stock take
  • Submit physical scan report of inventory.
  • Physical vs Computer stock report after physical scan.
  • Cash audit for the cash collected and deposited to HO
  • Fixed Assets verification and report any addition or deletion in the same.

Associate Chartered Accountant – M/s Vishal Shah & Associates

We submit Chartered Accountant certified audit report for all the audits done by us.